As an advanced dressage rider for over 20 years cardio fitness, core stability and balance have always been key to the training of me and my dressage horses.  It never ceases to amaze me how hard our bodies have to work when riding horses when seemingly we are doing very little. To prepare our bodies for this in the best possible way off the horse is very rewarding and I love it when a client says they could feel their bodies kick in during an unplanned moment or they went cross country jumping and wasn’t out of breath. As a rider I understand what our bodies need to be able to do when riding in any discipline.  I thrive on creating exercises and situations that emulate what your body does in day to day life and therefore makes you stronger, your reactions quicker, your balance better and improve your co-ordination.

Away from horses I love taking my dogs on daily long walks, I am a keen cyclist and long distance runner with a passion for building core and total body strength.  I love the feeling of being strong and cardiovascular fit both for day-to-day life and riding my horses. Core strength and training of the mind are things I get particularly excited about as they both make such a big difference in our lives. As a person I have a great sense of humour, am analytical and love thinking outside of the box to find solutions. I believe there is always a way around something to get to where you want to be!  

Before Personal Training I had a successful career in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which gave me broad experience of different countries, people management and project management.