What do Personal Trainers do?

A Personal Trainer will work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals. This includes things like:-

Do I need to be fit to have a Personal Trainer?

Not at all, the role of a Personal Trainer is to help you improve your health and fitness in a safe and guided way.

Who uses a Personal Trainer?

More people than you would first think. A Personal Trainer will help you to lose weight, put on muscle, become faster or stronger both generally or in a sport and help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Personal Trainers help mothers after they have had babies, people with injuries, athletes of all levels and train people who want to look and feel great.

How does Personal Training work?

An initial health, wellbeing and fitness assessment is carried out to establish things like bodily strengths, imbalances, areas for improvement etc in order for a bespoke workout plan for each client to be created in accordance with their goals. A Personal Trainer will help you set and achieve realistic goals in realistic timeframes whilst keeping you motivated, on track and safe. We provide mental and physical guidance whilst monitoring progress on a regular basis.  

I am good at my sport so why do I need a Personal Trainer?

Many people that are good in their sport just train on their own in a gym environment, Sports Performance Training is one of the fastest growing aspects of Personal Training due to decades of research and experience demonstrating how sports specific exercises has positive effects on specific sports. Injuries are prevented by incorporating exercises which mimic the activities of your sport. Most gym-based strength training equipment cannot mimic sport performance movements and therefore requires a trained specialist to design relevant exercises.

Should I embark on a diet as well as exercise?

I encourage clients to change their lifestyle to eat healthily whilst exercising in order for it to be sustainable and enjoyable. Being told you can’t have this, can’t have that whilst working hard physically is detrimental to motivation. Embracing a new lifestyle is fun, exciting and will give you the desired results and keep them!

How long will it be before I see results?

Realistically it takes up to 3 months before you really begin to ‘see’ results but you will start to ‘feel’ results almost immediately. The type of results depends on many things like your goals, baseline fitness level, how hard and how frequently you exercise. 

Do I need to purchase equipment or have an exercise room to train at home?

Not at all, bodyweight training can be just as fun and effective. Plus there will be many things within in your home that can utilised as equipment. After your initial assessment we can discuss equipment and decide if anything would be useful/suitable and I can help you find what is right for you, prioritising where money is best spent on items.