Nickie and I have worked together for quite a while now. She is the perfect blend of perfectionist and friend. She works tirelessly to achieve results and has a brilliant think outside the box approach. This brings in fabulous results and clients progress their training to achieve their goals.

She identifies when physio may be required and we work collaboratively to resolve issues. This also keeps clients engaged and focussed even when there are setbacks. She¹s even helped me with my training for an ultramarathon when I completed at first female. I wouldn¹t hesitate to recommend Nickie to any of my clients who were at any level of training be that beginner or professional. She has a brilliant way of adapting to any clients needs.

Julia Mottram, Chartered Physio

I have been training with Nickie on a weekly basis for just over a year now, which is a record for me. I was confident from the questions Nickie asked at our first session, and from the movements she asked me to do that day as well, that she not only knew what she was talking about but that she also just “got” me.

We’ve never done the same workout twice (I get bored easily), we’ve achieved so many of my objectives, and had nothing but laughs along the way (with maybe the occasional tears and lots of swearing on my part).

We initially had our sessions at the gym but since lockdown sessions have continued virtually with great success. I think what I love most about Nickie is that she’s not just there for a weekly workout but takes a genuine interest in the whole package – I’ve had guidance on nutrition, shopping tips when I needed new running shoes, emotional support when I’m cross about life and of course the messages to check in on how my body is feeling a day or two after our sessions.

I would absolutely recommend Nickie to anybody considering working with a PT.


I first met Nickie in June 2019, I was drawn to the fact she was a Dressage rider and would understand what I wanted from a training programme. My aim was to help improve every aspect of my riding; balance, core, stamina and confidence... knowing in turn this would help give my horse the best chance of developing and improving with me while we trained and competed.

Every training session we have is different and challenges me (I had warned Nickie when we first met that I have trouble sticking with things when I get bored). She certainly took this snippet of information on board.

I had also put on a bit of timber, which I can’t carry off well... not anymore! I’m in the best shape I have ever been in, I feel fit, well and confident in myself as a person and as an equestrian. This year has been particularly difficult for everyone. But embracing the new normal and switching to online training during these times has been absolutely amazing. I cannot rate Nickie highly enough, she is a lovely energetic and positive person, incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to train with!


Nickie is far more than a personal trainer, the knowledge, support and fun she provides is outstanding and makes training an absolute pleasure.

The improvements I have made since training with Nickie have been massive, even recovering from set backs due to an injury the ability to adapt my training and keep me progressing have meant that my fitness levels have maintained and my confidence has continued to build.

I am so grateful to have found Nickie, she is a vital part of my support team.


Louise and I do 40 mins PT by Zoom with Nickie every weekday morning. We do something different every day and Nickie makes a big effort to ring the changes and find new ways of stretching us literally and mentally either with core, cardio or legs/arms. It is never dull!! Nickie is very attentive to our physical condition at any given time and is very aware of any niggles that either need resting or rehabilitating. She also develops a plan for any given long or short term target we may have whether its prior to skiing, horse riding or simply long term rehab from injury.

She has done an amazing job at improving my balance and shoulder strength having let it slip following an historic injury. We can balance, on for example the Bosu, in a way that we could not have dreamt possible even 6 months ago. We have also had to buy bigger and bigger sets of weights as we have got stronger. Nickie always greets us in the morning with a big smile and is great fun. It helps a lot when you are suffering with the effort.


I had my first session with Nickie during lockdown and have never looked back. 

I have tried countless people in the past who have ‘written me off’ / told me I just had to accept the way my back was. 

Our sessions are online and the amount of detail she can pick up on and the smallest of details to refine / give corrections is incredible. 

Nickie has a HUGE knowledge of different exercises and able to target specific areas with ease. I love that she understands what is needed from the body in order to ride, (even relating some exercises to exercises / movements on a horse) I have feeling slowly returning to areas, for the first time in years / ever. 

Nickie is extremely patient, understanding and so encouraging I look forward to every session, finish feeling more inspired than I thought possible. 

So excited to see what the future holds. 

I would highly recommend anyone thinking about booking a session to do it. You won’t look back!


I couldn't recommend Nickie more, she has been helping me train for the last year. The changes it has made to my fitness and mentality has been incredible! 

Nickie is really friendly, motivating and has always tried to push me to do more within my capabilities. 

During lockdown, Nickie made adjustments on how we could keep making progress in a different way to what either of us were used too. She took the challenge and has kept me going, even with my naughty habits like chocolate and biscuits.

But I've been able to keep on track to achieving and maintaining my goals with her help.


I started training with Nickie in the gym last year and she has been great! The most important thing for me was that someone understood the fundamentals of riding and in particular dressage, meaning it was easy to communicate any issues I felt I had in my riding. Nickie has a good way of pushing you without making it so hard that it¹s demoralising and can pick up on little things that make a big difference. I have found doing more gym work has particularly helped my balance, core strength and body awareness whilst on a horse. The sessions are always different and have a good plan, making even the most reluctant gym goers feeling motivated to keep going and improve!!


Nickie Maddaford I am still in awe of your incredible and consistent PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) how do you do it? ?I have known Nickie for a while and at the beginning of 2019 mentioned that I needed to tweak something in my fitness to help with my show jumping and general flatwork. I am a lofty 5’4 riding horses 17h+ so it can be tough to keep them together, especially around bigger tracks. Knowing that Nickie is also a little vertically challenged competing larger horses very successfully at high level, I guessed she would have some advice but was hoping and hoping it would not involve any form of additional exercise, or worse a GYM!!!!!!

I was working fully remotely at the time and spending chunks of time travelling for work, but while someone else was keeping the horses fit during my absences, no one was keeping me fit. Nickie was fantastic we chatted through my lifestyle, watched some of my competition videos and looked at my goals. Then Nickie started to suggest exercises that even I agreed I could manage fairly regularly (with a few pretty strong nudges from my new PT) and she put together a really great training plan.

The best thing for me with my nomadic lifestyle was the online training and I am so happy that Nickie then rolled this out as a full service to her clients as it really is a great option!! I am never going to sign up to a class or commit to a gym, but my own PT online anywhere I go in the world? AWESOME!!! With lockdown my travelling has stopped and I have been grounded over in South Africa since March, but even when we were on full house lockdown here, I still had my online sessions with Nickie who, with her incredible attitude and positivity, has also become my mental health coach!

My competing has improved, my schooling is noticeably better and even my motivation and general wellbeing has benefitted from Nickie’s tireless support, coupled with the fact that she is a professional rider herself and can link my training with my riding for the right results is invaluable. I am not an easy client as apart from riding I have no wish to exercise at all and boy do I whine about it, but Nickie is a complete magician!!! I know with exercise there is no magic fix but in my world Nickie is that magic fix.

Thank you so much.